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Cloud Web hosting & how is it work-

Web hosting has seen a lot of changes in any of the last years and these new changes include cloud web hosting, web hosting's rapidly evolving service, and aims that use different businesses worldwide. The reason for cloud hosting to grow is different issues of traditional web hosting (shared hosting, VPS and dedicated) such as performance, cost, etc. 

What is Cloud Web hosting & how is it work? | TechzAuto | Web Hosting | VPS Web Hosting 

What is "Cloud" in Computing?

Cloud term refers to servers (the group of servers in a single cluster) that are available on the internet for public or private use. They provide software or storage services to internet-connected servers customers at different charges (some services are also free). Cloud-based service can be of many kinds such as web and file hosting, file sharing or software distribution, etc.

What is Cloud Web Hosting?

Cloud hosting is the method in which customized online virtual servers can be created, modify, and remove on the base of customers' requirements. Use cloud hosting to host websites, store emails and to distribute web-based services. Cloud servers are actually hosted practical machines on the physical server on which OS and other software are configured according to client requirements after allocating resources such as CPU, memory, storage, etc. When you host your website on the cloud, the website uses the virtual resources of the servers cluster for your requirement. 

Cloud hosting's help can help the website manage the peak load (without any bandwidth issue) conveniently because the other server additional resources of the cluster, in this case, can offer that server. Thus, the website does not have to depend on the resources of a single server because many servers share their resources while working in the cluster.

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